Monday, January 14, 2013


Hey Albertus!

I know that I have not blogged in a while, it got to be a crazy semester but I am back and ready to share my life with you all for the spring semester! This is going to be a crazy semester for me, I am taking some tough courses but the good news is that by my senior year I will have only electives left! One class that I am excited about is Digital Photo! I have always been interested in photography so I am pumped to take this class.

Along with school work I have my two sports coming up, Volleyball and Tennis. Our first Home Volleyball match is Sunday Feb 2nd so come to the gym to support us! Tennis does not start until March so keep your eyes and ears open for my announcement about those games.

SGA has some really fun and new events coming up this semester, the first being TIE DYE NIGHT on January 19th in the Pub/BCR. First 100 students get a free T-shirt to tie dye. Albertus Got Talent is one of the events that I plan and it's going to be the best year yet! Jason Lavassour will be the MC for the show along with him playing some of his music for the crowd.

I am also pleased to announced that I am on the NACA Committee again for the 2013 conference in Hartford! I applied to be school swap coordinator but I was asked to be the student rep for Ed Session reviews so that's exciting!

Well that's all the news I have for now, talk to you all soon!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

16th Annual Fall Fest

If you weren't at Fell Fest yesterday then you missed out on a great day. Along with men’s soccer, women’s soccer and women’s tennis, there were food trucks, a dunk tank, novelties and other fun activities. Fall Fest, is one of the biggest events that is put on during the school year and it gives students a chance to have a great time with their family and friends. This event is also a great Alumni event, a lot of alumni come back for this event to cheer on the sports teams, catch up with old friends and just have a great time! Congrats to the men’s soccer team and the women’s tennis team for winning their games/ matches. Despite a tough loss to the women’s soccer team, each team honored their seniors; it was senior day for each team. A cool new feature this year to Fall Fest was the dunk tank sponsored by the SAA Club. Students were able to purchase throws to dunk professors, directors and other faculty and staff. Overall it was a fun day for everyone and I hope to see even more people at Fall Fest next year!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Haunted Maze

Do you like being spooked? Do you like haunted mazes? Well if you do then you’re in luck because this year SGA is creating a new event around Halloween called a Haunted Maze. We are creating it in the Campus Center. Students will be able to walk through the maze and there will be scary scenes set up along with student actors who will be dressed up trying to scare those walking through. This event will be on Saturday October 27, 2012 and it’s a Spice Up Your Saturdays Event! If anyone is interested in participating in this event feel free to email me about information. We could always use people to dress up for the different scenes or to just scare people. Again, if interested please email me at:

Fall Fest

Who’s excited for Fall Fest? It’s just a week away! Both men’s and women’s soccer will be playing Emmanuel College. In addition to the soccer games, there will be novelties such as water bottles, keychain and magnets. Not to mention all day students get a free t-shirt when checking in! There will be lots of options for food as well. Chartwells will have picnic style food and there will be food trucks as well as popcorn, cotton candy and snow cones. Fall Fest is a great time to be with friends and family and it’s one of the biggest events that the school puts on every year. If you are 21, you can enjoy the beer tent as well. Come to the athletics field on Saturday October 20, 2012 for a day of fun!

Jackpot BINGO!

Albertus is excited to introduce new programming on Saturday nights. We have not had events on Saturdays in the past, but this year we have an event every other Saturday night. The program is called Spice up Your Saturdays. These events alternate with our Albertus@Night Events, one week there will be a Friday event and the next will be a Saturday event. This way each weekend there is something going on on campus. The goal of Saturday night programming is to give students fun events to do on the weekends. Like Albertus@Night, free food is provided at Saturday night events. Over the last weekend, SGA sponsored a Spice up Your Saturday Event called Jackpot Bingo!
There were a total of 24 games including a raffle. The first 20 games, students were able to win different gift cards and cash amounts. After the first 10 games, there was an intermission for people to get free pizza and the winners of the raffle got $10 and a free non-alcoholic drink from the pub. After the next 10 games it was time for the final round. During the last four games we gave away large prizes. The prizes were an iHome, a Blu Ray DVD player with two DVDs, a Kindle Fire and the grand prize was a 22” TV. Students were very excited to win these prizes and the event was a huge success!

Trivia Tuesdays

This past Tuesday SGA sponsored a Trivia night! There is trivia every other Tuesday and it gets pretty competitive! Categories range from Music, TV, Movies and this week it was 90’s Trivia! There were questions about the Wonder Years, 90’s music, 90’s Disney and other 90’s related questions! The great thing about Tuesday Trivias is that the winning team gets $100 CASH!!! You can have a team of just yourself or up to 5 people and you even get to make up your team name. I played on a team by myself and my team was called “Matthew”! Teams usually come up with good team names, but since it was just me I only used my name. It was 7 rounds of fun, laughter and competition. There can only be one winner so it gets very loud and each team jumps with joy when they get a hard question correct. Check the dining hall, the digital sign and the Albertus SGA Facebook and Twitter to see when the next trivia will be. The more teams that come down to play the more fun it will be! Beth and Olivia did a great job announcing and scorekeeping. If you are interested in announcing trivia or scorekeeping or helping out at other events then you should join the SGA Volunteer Committee! It’s a great way to get involved on campus and help out with fun events like Tuesday Trivias! Leave me a comment if you are interested in joining!

Albertus@Night & Spice Up Your Saturdays

Did anyone get a chance to go to Pajama Jam last Friday night? It was a blast! There was free food, music, stuff-a-bear and a giant inflatable twister! This event was part of Albertus@Night which is weekend programming to promote an alternative to drinking as well as provide a fun time to students. Some exciting news that I am pleased to share with everyone is that we are expanding to Saturday night programming! Each week there will be an Albertus@Night Event, one week it will be on Friday and the following week there will be an event on Saturday.
Coming up this week, Saturday September 15 in the pub will be the first Saturday Event which is a video game tournament! Some fun things about these events are that they are late at night as well as being on the weekends when there isn’t much to do! When you come to a late night event there is ALWAYS free food and when you come to your first Albertus@Night Event you get a free shirt!!! You might have already got one or seen people wearing the green shirts around campus! So if you are ever bored on the weekends you know that Albertus@Night will be going on or a Saturday Event down in the Pub in the Campus Center. Keep your eyes and ears open for more flyers for the upcoming events!